My non-cultural visit to Latvia (Oct 2005)

Least pretty of Baltic Capitals.

Lots going on at night but v-expensive (some clubs charge £15 entrance, and drinks may not be much cheaper than UK). Frank's Hostel can get you into some of these clubs for free, but we preferred to organise our own entertainment. It is certainly a fun hostel.

Skyline Bar

I went to the bob-sled run at Sigulda with the Hostel owner Frank (and one of his many young female staff) who was checking it out because a rival hostel offers bob-sledding. We were told by the ticket office there was no public bob-sled that day because the Russian Olympic team were training, and it had been raining. However when Frank rang the owner we were allowed on for a run with the Lithuanian team at 6pm. So I was very lucky as the genuine (as opposed to wheeled) sleds had only started running 2 days before, and public access is affected on weather, and use for international competition and training etc.

expensive 60 secs

expensive 60 secs

Three of us went to the shooting range in Riga. You need a taxi there as it's underground and you'd never find it, but it is walkable back to the centre. I was extremely nervous and I've never known my hands shake so much. Much of the shaking was in anticipation of recoil and kick-back. However none of the weapons we fired had much recoil so I now feel quite "short changed". Having said that as a piece of entertainment a total cost of £12 for 3 guns with 3 shots each is pretty good value compared with the cost of trying anything in the UK.