Estonia and Talinn (Oct 2005)

No rail links, so travelled here from Latvia by coach - forest/woodland the whole way.

Tallinn - prettiest old town in Baltics (and Europe?) - near complete 13th to 17th century walled centre.

Not as cheap as Lithuania, and not as "lively" as Riga.

Met a squaddie, needless to say he homed in on the Irish bar (first time I've ever been in one - UK or abroad). He'd come to Talinn because he'd heard it was the new Prague (was he thinking of Riga?); and was a bit worried when I informed him I'd heard it had the highest incidence of Aids in Europe. He'd not had any luck finding the night-life - and it did seem pleasantly quiet to me, most of the clubs are outside the old town unlike Riga, and I didn't bother visiting them.



Tallin Wall


Gun Tower




Finland next