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Thurs 15 Sep 2005

Now in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, more update done of Turkey pages.

Tues 13 Sep 2005

Bit more update done to the Turkey diary page. Off to Plovdiv, Bulgaria by 10pm sleeper tonight. This map is from TurkeyTravelPlanner.com an excellent guide to travelling round Turkey.

Wot ive done

Its me again

Sat 10 Sep 2005

Started Turkey Diary (HERE).

Thu 2nd Sep 2005

Left UK for Antalya Turkey (£79 one way flight) on 28 Aug. Had the bath and massage, scuba dived. Off to Pamukalle tomorrow, then on to Ephesus and Istanbul.

Thu 14 Jul

Returning to UK 16 Jul (mum been in hospital for 5 weeks) and will look for teaching job in Eastern Europe/Asia. Uploaded missing pictures - email me if you find any missing links on this site.

Fri 8 Jul

Picture gallery added, diary updated.

19 June

DIARY now up and running (well sort of)

There was an Irishman, an Irishwoman, an Ausie, a Hungarian, an American etc etc

13 June 05

I've bashed out a quick update on my first week in Hungary - BUDAPEST. At some point I will also upload a page and pics on Hungary.

P.S. I recommend Skype, I have been speaking to my dad (unfortunately mums in hospital again) for free through my laptop in a local cafe that provides free wireless internet access.

A number of people outside Bath have asked me what I'm up to. As I've not had time to get the diary on this site up and running - here is a brief update:

  • March - attended a one day "gap year survival" course run by planetwise.net - this was targeted towards students - but I found it useful and it could be money well spent in a sticky situation.
  • April - had confirmation from work that I could take a year out as from 9 May 2005
  • following an entrance test and one hour telephone interview with an examiner in Hungary - received confirmation that I was accepted on the internationally recognised CELTA (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course (4 weeks in Budapest 6 June - till 1 July) - I'm sure I only just scraped through the "pre-qual" stuff and now I've been sent 18 pages of tasks to complete before I start - its reputed to be a 4 week boot camp and my brain may not be up to it.
  • Pyramids, Pompei, Rome, and Victoria falls are the only sight seeing parts of my wish list - unfortunately none of these tie in well with travelling through Eastern Europe and Asia at the appropriate time of the year - so I am trying to get on an 8 day Cairo and Nile cruise package commencing 15 May; before starting my travel proper. Still awaiting confirmation of booking.

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